Students' comments

Here are some of the comments we have received from our students.


I have learned so much more than I thought I would before I took this course.
I have found the Japanese language both difficult and rewarding.
The way I was immersed in the language without being able to speak English in class is the most useful and quickest way to understand and learn Japanese.
My teacher is an extremely committed teacher and her patience and dedication with the students improved my Japanese quickly and made me look forward to coming to class each week.
I am looking to travel to Japan within the next year and this class has helped me to overcome my fears of not knowing any Japanese language and has encouraged me to learn more.
Arigato gozaimasu.


I was very pleased with my course of Japanese - I learned a lot of new grammar and vocabulary.
We made a big progress from the first class and worked hard together with the teacher.
I was very pleased with my teacher, who was very patient and kind to us.
Thanks to her, my Japanese has improved a lot!
Thank you!


I enjoyed the course very much. Sensei is very friendly and helpful. I learnt a lot because the course is well structured and easy to follow. The only thing I found difficult was the hiragana but that's because I'm lazy! I will be returning next year.


I am very happy with the class so far especially Sensei's approach to teaching and helping us to understand.


I enjoyed the Japanese course more than I expected.
There is no specific book that the course must follow, the classes were small and friendly.
I felt I was making progress after each lesson.
I also liked the focus on speaking Japanese throughout the class by both teacher and students.

Post Beginner-2

In this course, I started to appreciate Kanji, which I previously hated. Now I find it interesting.




I found the lessons stimulating and well prepared. The revision exercises of the beginning of the lesson were particularly useful. The class progressed at a comfortable pace.


There have been many changes to improve on conversational and listening skills. I also feel I have picked up a lot of new vocabulary.


I think the teaching is excellent as I have been to many other Japanese schools.




教科書日本語ではなく、新聞や雑誌の記 事を読んだり、本当の日本人のタレントのインタビューを聞いたりして、日本人が毎日実際に使っている日本語の勉強ができて、本当に役に立っています。


The class has been enjoyable, with varied material and interesting topics.
There has been ample opportunity to practise reading, writing, speaking and listening, whilst also discussing a variety of aspects of the Japanese culture.
Lessons have been based largely around recent magazine and newspaper articles published in Japanese, which gives students a means of keeping up-to-date with current issues in Japan.
I would highly recommend this course.

Summer Intensive: Beginner

The lessons were very good and very interesting. The teacher was very, very helpful. Also she helped me build more confidence in speaking Japanese.

Summer Intensive: Elementary

The Summer Intensive Course was excellent. There was a nice balance between speaking, reading, listening and writing exercises and lots of opportunities to speak in lessons (which had clearly been carefully planned by the teacher). The Kanji we learned were much more practical and immediately relevant than those found in Japanese for Busy PeopleⅡ.

Summer Intensive: Intermediate


JLPT Preparation Course

I have never been taught as effectively as during the present course.