Language Exchange System

The idea of the language exchange system is to give you an opportunity to practise Japanese in one-to-one style, and give our students (your exchange partner) an opportunity to practise English (or another language.)

  • The 'Language Exchange Message' section of the application form will be displayed on the Institute noticeboard at IIEL Greenwich Campus Charlton House, for the attention of our Japanese students. Your contact details will only be disclosed to the student who wants to do the language exchange with you. The student will then contact you directly.
  • The student (who will be your language exchange partner) will call or email you, and you can then discuss when and where to meet on a regular basis.
  • We recommend you to meet once a week for two hours so as to do one hour of Japanese and one hour of English (or another language), We also recommend that you use a public place to do the language exchange.
  • Tell your language exchange partner what you find difficult about learning Japanese in your experience and ask your language exchange partner about his/her difficulties with English.
  • Together think of strategies to improve your language skills (perhaps using your textbooks). We hope that this language exchange system will be of mutual benefit to you and our students.